What is inting in League of Legends

What is “Inting” in League of Legends?

Inting in League of Legends is when someone intentionally feeds the enemy, resulting in them having an advantage. This is bad for the team, and it causes frustration.

You can spot inting by entering battles for no reason, taking risks that end in death, or attacking enemies without making an impact.

It’s important to know that inting is a reportable offense. Penalties can include bans and suspensions. If a player ints, their account may be damaged, and it can be hard to find allies in the future.

Players should understand this bad behavior and avoid it. This is for better gameplay experience.

Definition of “Inting” in League of Legends

In League of Legends, “Inting” refers to purposely dying many times. This is not okay and usually happens when a player is mad or frustrated. They may give the enemy team kills on purpose, making it unfair. This can make team spirit bad and make other teammates not trust the inting player. It can even lead to being banned from the game. It’s important to act nice and manage anger in online games.

Remember, dying a few times does not mean someone is inting. Inting is when someone dies over and over on purpose.

Sometimes people accuse others of inting when it’s not true. Don’t do this. It can hurt the team’s morale and everyone’s game experience.

Reasons for Inting in League of Legends

To understand the reasons for inting in League of Legends, you need to analyze the factors that could lead to this behavior. Frustration with teammates or gameplay, deliberate throwing of the game, and passive “inting” through lack of effort are some sub-sections that offer insight into these reasons.

Frustration with teammates or gameplay

When playing League of Legends, some players can get mad. This anger can come from many things. Poor communication, not working together and mistakes can all lead to frustration. Some people may be tempted to int – feed the enemy – as a way to vent. But, this behavior is bad. It can create a cycle of negativity. To prevent this, players need to stay disciplined, communicate well and stay positive. Doing these things will help everyone have better games and more fun.

Deliberate throwing of the game

Inting, or intentional feeding, is a common behavior in League of Legends. It involves sabotaging the game, disregarding winning.

People int for various reasons; personal grudges, frustration with losing, trolling or seeking attention.

It’s important to note, inting can ruin the game for others and lead to severe punishments from Riot Games.

Recognize and report inting to stop it from happening. Occasional bad games are okay, but continued impropriety won’t be tolerated.

Passive “inting” through lack of effort

Some League of Legends players could be passive-inting. This means they don’t put much effort into the game, make silly mistakes that lead to deaths or don’t join team fights. Such behavior is bad for teammates and the game.

Passive-inting can be caused by boredom, burnout or lack of motivation. People who play a lot without breaks can lose interest and mess up.

To stop passive-inting, players should take regular breaks and stay positive. Setting goals and talking to teammates can help with focus and motivation.

It’s normal to have bad games, but players should still try to stay engaged. This way, everyone can have a better gaming experience.

Consequences of Inting in League of Legends

To understand the consequences of “inting” in League of Legends, it is essential to know the impact it can have on various aspects of the game. Reports and bans from the game, Damage to players’ reputation and relationships with teammates, and the Negative impact on gameplay experience for others are some of the sub-sections that we will examine.

Reports and bans from the game

Inting in League of Legends can have serious consequences. You could get restrictions on your actions, like communication bans or temporary account suspensions. This will impact your gaming experience.

In very extreme cases, and if you keep breaking the code of conduct, you could get permanently banned. Player Support will investigate, and if you think you got an unfair punishment, you can reach out and appeal the verdict.

Damage to players’ reputation and relationships with teammates

Inting during League of Legends matches carries consequences. It goes against fair play, a vital value in the gaming community. Inting can paint a player as toxic or immature, and could even lead to bans or suspensions. It can also alienate teammates who rely on each other to succeed.

Intentional feeding, or ‘inting’, is not accepted in the gaming community. It harms a player’s reputation both in-game and out-of-game. Inting damages team dynamics and individual standings. Reports of this behavior often result in bans or suspensions.

Inting also creates an imbalance in team skill levels, leading to losses for all players. This builds resentment and distrust, harming the growth of the community.

Online games are meant to be fun for everyone. Intentionally disrupting gameplay harms the experience of others who have worked hard and played fair. Players must understand the consequences of inting before doing it.

Negative impact on gameplay experience for others

Inting in League of Legends can have serious consequences for the gaming experience. Here are 6 ways inting affects gameplay:

  • Reduces team spirit and causes hostility.
  • Leads to frustration, anger, and toxic behavior.
  • Wastes teammates’ time and ruins progress.
  • Lowers team performance and success rate.
  • Diminishes accomplishments and achievements.
  • Limits chances for new strategies or techniques.

Not only does inting hurt the player, but it also disrespects everyone else’s efforts, time, and resources. Inting kills morale and hinders the team’s ability to win. It creates an unpleasant atmosphere, preventing anyone from having fun or improving. To create a positive game, everyone should avoid inting. Doing so allows better teamwork, higher success rates, and growth opportunities for all.

How to Avoid Inting in League of Legends

To avoid inting in League of Legends, you need to understand the importance of teamwork, take a break from the game when feeling frustrated, and recognize when it is time to surrender. Understanding these sub-sections can help you improve gameplay and prevent inting – intentionally feeding the enemy team in a match.

Understanding the importance of teamwork

Teamwork is key to success. Cooperation, cohesiveness and coordination are must-haves. Without them, performance will suffer, morale will drop and losses will come. To create positivity, you need to understand the importance of working together.

For effective teamwork, communication between teammates is a must. Everyone should know their roles and responsibilities. No debating roles – it’ll lead to chaos.

Knowing strengths and weaknesses of team members helps devise strategies to enhance performance. Those who don’t understand what works for them often end up feeding enemies.

Building great teamwork takes time and effort. Use these suggestions to develop better relationships with your team for better gameplay.

Taking a break from the game when feeling frustrated

Frustration during gameplay? Take a break! Give yourself a chance to reset and think more rationally. A moment away from the game will help you stay motivated and re-evaluate your strategies. Taking a break also helps recharge your mental energy and boosts your mood.

Look outside of League of Legends for other activities. This can help hone your skills and set boundaries on how much time you want to spend daily. This will keep you from burning out and maintain a better work-life balance. The goal is to avoid inting and create healthy habits that improve performance and enjoyment.

Recognizing when it is time to surrender

It’s important to know when to give up in League of Legends. Surrendering can minimize the bad effect on your team and save energy for future games.

A sign to give up may be if your team is behind in gold and levels. Or, if teammates keep dying. Losing a game is part of learning, don’t let it stop you from giving up when it’s best.

Think if there is potential for a comeback. If your team has late-game champions or objectives that can help, maybe don’t give up yet. But, if no wins or objectives happen, consider sacrificing inhibitors.

Deciding when to surrender requires careful thought. Knowing when to give up can save time and sanity. So stay aware; knowing when to surrender can often lead to greater victory later.


What is ‘inting’? It’s ‘intentional feeding’, which is bad. It’s against the rules and can get you banned. So, it’s best to talk to your team and work together.

Inting affects everyone. It brings down morale and leads to losses. It can become a habit and ruin your gameplay experience.

No inting! Speak up and work as a team. That way, you’ll reach your full potential and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “inting” in League of Legends?

Inting is a slang term used in League of Legends to describe intentionally dying or feeding the enemy team in the game. This behavior is considered toxic and is punishable by the game’s ban system.

2. Why do some players “int” in League of Legends?

Some players may intentionally feed to tilt their opponents, to grief their own team, or because they have given up on the game. It is important to remember that this behavior is unacceptable and ruins the experience for everyone involved.

3. How can I prevent players from “inting” in my game?

The best way to prevent inting is to report players who display this behavior. The League of Legends team takes this seriously and will take appropriate disciplinary actions against players who intentionally feed or grief in the game.

4. What are some consequences of “inting” in League of Legends?

Players who “int” in League of Legends can receive punishments ranging from chat restrictions to temporary or permanent bans from playing the game. This behavior is taken seriously by the League of Legends team and should not be tolerated.

5. How can I tell if a player is “inting” in my game?

Some signs that a player may be intentionally feeding include repeatedly dying in the same way, buying ineffective or troll items, or making questionable decisions that make it easier for the enemy team to win. It is important to remember that not all deaths are intentional, so it is best to report players only if you are sure they are intentionally feeding.

6. Is “inting” a common problem in League of Legends?

Inting is not a common problem in League of Legends, but it can occur from time to time. The best way to prevent this behavior is to report players who display it, and the game’s ban system should be sufficient to deter most players from intentionally feeding in the future.

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