Apex Legends How to Move While Emoting


This guide will show you how to move and emote at the same time in Apex Legends. It’s vital for expressing yourself and dodging enemy fire. Press the movement keys on your keyboard and the emote button simultaneously. This creates a unique and dynamic experience that makes gameplay more enjoyable.

Press the directional movement keys and hold them down. Then press the emote button. Your character’s emote animation will start while they keep moving. Note that different characters may have different animations and movements during emotes.

This technique helps you stay agile and dodge enemies. You can also dance around loot boxes or celebrate victories without stopping. With practice, your aesthetics and mechanics in Apex Legends will improve.

Mastering moving and emoting is key to effective communication in Apex Legends. It adds sophistication and showcases your style and personality through your character’s actions.

Understanding Emoting in Apex Legends

To understand emoting in Apex Legends with what it is and why players use them in the game, you need to explore the topic in detail. What do the different emotes signify and how can they be used strategically during gameplay? In this section, we will delve deeper into the nuances of emoting and how it can help you progress in the game.

What is Emoting?

Emoting in Apex Legends is expressing emotions through particular gestures or actions. Players can do this during gameplay or when waiting for a match. To activate emotes, press a specific button. They differ for each character.

Emotes serve for non-verbal communication between players. They can show excitement, frustration, or even taunt opponents. It adds character to the game and helps players to connect.

Moreover, emoting can be tactics. For example, after scoring a kill, emote can throw off an opponent’s morale, making them more open to further attacks. Furthermore, some emotes have special effects that can impact gameplay, such as providing shields or distracting enemies.

To sum up, emoting is an important part of Apex Legends. Knowing when and how to use emotes can give players a boost on the battlefield.

Why do Players use Emotes in the Game?

Apex Legends players use emotes for social interaction. It’s a way of expressing emotions and displaying badges. It makes communication easier, and adds spice to the game. Plus, it lets gamers communicate without distractions from the game. It also helps build a community. And unique character animations make emoting even better. It gives the gamer a chance to experience their hero’s personality and backstory.

Moving While Emoting in Apex Legends

To move while emoting with ease and gain an edge over your opponents, follow the solutions provided in the moving while emote section of the Apex Legends article. Discover how to move while using emotes and understand the advantages of doing so.

How to Move While Using Emotes

Combining emotes with movement is a must-have skill for Apex Legends gamers. Emoting is a great way to show off and converse with other players. Here’s a 4-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Open your emote wheel. Console players press the D-pad. PC gamers hit “T”.
  2. Choose an emote with the right thumbstick (console) or left-click with the mouse (PC).
  3. Press buttons at the same time to move and aim. Your character will do both at once.
  4. Release the emote when done. Be swift to avoid unwanted attention.

Timing is everything when emoting in Apex Legends. Make sure you’re safe first, then perform the emote quickly.

Advantages of Moving While Emoting

Movin’ n’ emotin’ in Apex Legends, the popular battle Royale game, can give you major benefits in-game. As a gamer, you need to make sure your moves are effective and efficient. Utilizing emoticons while you move is the best way to maximize efficiency and win!

  • Distract opponents with emoting while you move-Make your character dance around or use funny emoticons to draw your enemies’ attention away from shooting at you.
  • Stayin’ alive-During healing time, keep movin’ and block your opponents’ sightlines. Make it even harder by emoting!
  • Stay hidden-Quickly move between locations and loot items without being seen- use ‘Mirage’ for emote camouflage.
  • Tactical communication-Use non-verbal gestures to communicate strategy with your team.
  • Earn style points-Move dramatically with some killer dance moves and increase your style points among online players.

Don’t go overboard with these strategies, though, or they won’t be effective. Add quick emotes while you move around to gain info about your surroundings without drawing too much attention from your enemies.

Combining movement and emoting can give you an awesome gaming experience. It’s incredible how small details like this can add up to create thrilling gameplay in Apex Legends!

Strategies for Moving While Emoting

To excel in the game of Apex Legends, you must know the strategies for moving while emoting, and our article will show you how to achieve it. With a focus on the solutions that can enhance your game, we’ll discuss the sub-sections of the article. These include knowing when to use emotes, using emotes to distract enemies, and combining emotes with other movement techniques.

Knowing When to Use Emotes

Using emotes strategically is great when talking with others. Knowing when to use them is key—they can express feelings well. To get it right, you need to know your audience, situation, and what’s expected.

Using Emotes to Distract Enemies

When maneuvering in a game, whilst evading the foes, players have varied methods and strategies to choose from. A common approach that many take is to utilize assorted emotes to distract their enemies and guide them away from the intended course. Here are three ways you can utilize emotes to your advantage:

  • To cause distractions – if avoiding detection in a particular area, try an emote that will garner the enemy’s attention and draw them away from your route.
  • To communicate with allies – in a multiplayer game, the correct emote at the correct time can pass on information about enemy positions or potential traps.
  • To give false signals – by using certain emotes in strategic spots, you may dupe the enemies into believing there is danger where there is none.

Of course, like any strategy, these techniques don’t always work. However, they do offer another tool for players wanting to stay ahead of their competition. So, next time you’re trying to elude an enemy camp or outsmart your rivals in a multiplayer game, remember the strength of the simple emote!

Combining Emotes with Other Movement Techniques

Combine emotive gestures with movements for a more interesting performance. Here’s how:

  • Use body language with facial expressions to get a clearer message across.
  • Incorporate smooth arm and leg extensions to match the emotion.
  • Add unexpected turns, jumps, and spins for more impact.
  • Create a story-like sequence of movements with emotions to add depth.

Timing is important too. Make sure the actions match the mood you’re trying to show.

To make sure your movements and emotes flow together, combine them in harmony so they both have an effect. Then, you’ll have an unforgettable performance that will stay in the hearts of those watching!


This article has uncovered the art of emoting and moving in Apex Legends. Through this technique, gamers can bring a new level of strategy to their gameplays and confuse foes.

First, start emoting. Then, right away, hit the jump button. This action can be repeated for a while.

With this skill mastered, players can dodge enemy shots while seeming innocent. This can give them an edge and help them win.

Train with this move in the game’s practice mode before using it in real battles. Enjoy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is emoting in Apex Legends?

Emoting is a way to express a character’s emotions or attitude in the game. It doesn’t serve any purpose apart from adding to the gaming experience.

2. Can you move while emoting in Apex Legends?

Yes, you can move while emoting in Apex Legends. However, the movement speed will be slower than normal running speed.

3. How do you emote while moving in Apex Legends?

You can emote while moving in Apex Legends by pressing and holding the left or right directional button on your controller while simultaneously pressing the emote button.

4. What are the controls for emoting in Apex Legends?

The default control for emoting in Apex Legends is the D-pad on your controller. Press the up button on the D-pad to bring up the emote wheel, then select the desired emote with the left or right button and confirm with the emote button.

5. Can you cancel an emote midway in Apex Legends?

Yes, you can cancel an emote midway in Apex Legends by pressing the jump or crouch button.

6. Do emoting characters in Apex Legends draw attention from opponents?

Yes, emoting characters in Apex Legends do draw attention from opponents as it makes them an easier target. Therefore, it is not advisable to emote in the middle of combat.

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