The best beginner legends in Apex Legends

A quick-paced battle royale that is now accessible is called Apex Legends. It brings heroes or “Legends” with various skills into the mix, combining elements of Overwatch and PUBG.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re new to the game or debating who to play first. Initially, six distinct Legends are available for you to select from, and an additional five must be purchased, either with real money or earned through gameplay.

Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Lifeline, and Wraith are the six characters you start the game with. Most of them are more straightforward to play than the Legends you must buy, Caustic, Crypto, Octane, Mirage, and Watson.

These Legends each possess a passive, tactical, and ultimate power. A tactical skill can be used frequently, whereas a top talent is only sometimes usable and takes a long time to charge.

Best Pathfinder Beginner Legend

The most understood Legend in Apex Legends is Pathfinder. He’s simple to learn, but you can use him to play at a respectable level as you get better.

Insider Information: Scan a survey beacon to learn where the ring will appear next. Knowing your next destination and planning your journey there are both valid. Helpful when you’re first familiar with the map and requires more time to determine where you need to go, but less so as you improve and stop needing the crutch. It can be annoying to be far from a beacon; occasionally, you can play a whole game without using one.

Tactical Skill: Grappling Hook – Grapple to access difficult-to-reach areas quickly. This skill is one of the most forgiving in Apex Legends, with a brief cooldown of only 15 seconds. You can use it to narrow the distance between you and an enemy, go quickly past the ring, or climb up a building to loot. It’s an efficient approach to move around the opposition so you may ambush them from a new angle. Mistake it? Compared to other game talents, you only need to wait 15 seconds. The main drawback is that it will only be beneficial if you find yourself in an open space.

Zipline Gun’s ultimate ability lets you build a zipline that everyone can use. Your entire team may fly on a zipline using this, essentially an improved grappling hook. As long as they don’t see it, it works well for surprising an opposing squad. It’s also ideal for quick adjustments as the ring gets closer. You can track them down faster than any other Legend if you combine this power with a hunter like Bloodhound.

Pathfinder enables you to make placement errors and yet succeed. Do you feel that your height disadvantages you? Strike out. Find yourself imprisoned by the ring, in the wrong spot, or all alone? Go zip lining. He can be utilized to avoid adversaries who aren’t expecting you quickly, but as you get better, you’ll discover that his skills are less practical than others. Regardless of skill level, Pathfinder is still one of the most entertaining games. These elements convince me that Pathfinder is the greatest Apex Legends novice Legend.


  • The cooldowns on abilities are forgiving.
  • Due to passive, positioning for rings takes more time.
  • Best Legend for repositioning if you make a mistake.
  • Suitable for approaching an adversary up close, especially with the ultimate.


  • When engaged in actual battle, abilities become less helpful as you progress throughout the game.


The Bloodhound is the first recon-style Legend that you can play in Apex Legends. His exceptional talent allows him to track where opponents have gone in the past and see enemies through walls. Second, only Pathfinder aids in-game learning and helps you recover from difficult circumstances. Due to his ability to see through smoke, he is accommodating when coupled with Legends like Caustic or Bangalore that can obstruct views. You don’t have to pay as much attention to your surroundings because you can usually find the adversary despite this, making it relatively forgiving.

Tracker: A passive ability to see your enemies’ footprints. As a result, you may always use the traces left by enemies to determine if they have visited the region. You can tell if they have run past something, jumped over it, etc. This enables you to hunt down adversaries while also allowing you to check your surroundings to determine if anyone has plundered and if you are genuinely alone.

Eye of the Allfather’s tactical prowess. Enemies, traps, and hints buried throughout the structures in front of you are briefly revealed. This is ideal for situations where you hear your enemy but need clarification on their whereabouts. Your entire squad can notice them if you scan the area and highlight them, then come take them down!

Beast of Hunt’s ultimate ability sharpens your senses, enabling you to move more quickly and highlighting your target. Importantly, this allows you to see through smoke. Perfect for situations where you have poor eyesight or need to move quickly during a battle. Make sure to reserve this for times when it will be helpful, such as when you need to get there faster or when you need to chase down adversaries when your vision is hampered. You might be able to escape the lethal ring in some circumstances but be warned that it has a 180-second cooldown period.


  • It’s difficult for anyone to take advantage of you.
  • Perfect for scouting out a new location or spotting an adversary during early looting


  • His sole real combat improvement is an increase in mobility speed.
  • Medium-to-long-range uses of abilities are worthless.

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