Apex Legends Who Should I Unlock First


Making the most of your Apex Legends gameplay requires you to pick the right character first. The game has numerous legends, each with their own abilities and playstyles. Before you decide, consider your own playing style.

When choosing a legend, think about their unique abilities. For players who like a more aggressive approach, Wraith or Bangalore are great options due to their speed and damage. If you prefer a supportive role, Gibraltar or Lifeline are better for providing cover and healing.

You can also unlock legends with gameplay progression or real money. This opens up more chances to experiment and find one that suits you.

Who are the unlocked characters in Apex Legends?

Are you ready to unlock characters in Apex Legends? With a range of abilities and playing styles, it’s essential to pick the right one for victory. These are the current characters:

  • Wraith: Teleport & Phase through reality.
  • Bloodhound: Track & Locate enemies.
  • Lifeline: Revive allies & Request healing.
  • Gibraltar: Shielded Fortress with big health.
  • Mirage: Holographic Trickster & Decoy maker.

Choose a character that suits you & your team’s combat style. To build a strong strategy, strike a balance between offense, defense & movement. Select based on preferences, tactical roles, strengths & weaknesses of special abilities + weapon loadouts. Experiment!

Factors to consider before unlocking the first character

Before selecting your first character in Apex Legends, here are several things to keep in mind. They can change your gameplay experience and success in the game.

  • Abilities: Every character has special abilities that fit different playstyles.
  • Difficulty level: Some might be more challenging to master than others.
  • Team composition: Pick a character based on your teammates’ needs for better teamwork.
  • Personal playstyle: Find one that fits your style for a better experience.
  • Cosmetics: Unlocking certain characters gives access to exclusive skins, banners, etc.
  • Availability: Some characters can only be bought or unlocked by leveling up.

Remember, each player’s ideal character may differ. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the character you’ll enjoy the most.

Who to unlock first in Apex Legends?

Unlocking the right character in Apex Legends is key for optimal gameplay. It can be tough to decide who to unlock first. Here are three great options and why they’re a priority:

  • Bangalore: A great choice for beginners. Offers smoke grenades and speed boosts for quick escapes.
  • Lifeline: A healer character, perfect for team players. She provides faster healing times and drops useful items.
  • Mirage: Also beginner-friendly, Mirage has a distraction ability that can lure opponents away from teammates.

Before deciding, consider the type of weapons, movement abilities, and strengths/weaknesses of the characters. Experiment with different legends to find your ideal playstyle and comfort level. Have fun exploring all the options!


When choosing a character in Apex Legends, consider their abilities and your preferred playstyle. Bloodhound is great for aggressive players, Lifeline is for support, Gibraltar defends allies, Caustic has traps, Bangalore has suppression fire, Wraith can escape quickly, Pathfinder has mobility, Octane runs fast, and Revenant disables enemy gadgets.

Research the Legends to select one that fits your gameplay. Don’t just pick based on others or popularity; pick one that resonates with you for a good experience. Check out training mode to use abilities before playing live matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I unlock first in Apex Legends?
A: It ultimately depends on your playing style and preference, but some popular options are Wraith, Bangalore, and Lifeline.

Q: What about other legends like Mirage or Caustic?
A: Mirage and Caustic are also great options, but may require more strategic playstyles and abilities compared to the aforementioned legends.

Q: Can I unlock legends without spending real money?
A: Yes, you can unlock legends using Legend Tokens which you earn from leveling up and completing challenges in the game.

Q: How much does it cost to unlock a legend with real money?
A: Each legend costs about $7.99 USD to unlock with real money.

Q: Can I try out a legend before unlocking them?
A: Yes, you can test out any legend in the game’s Practice Range before unlocking them.

Q: Is there a particular legend that is better for beginners?
A: Many players recommend Bangalore or Lifeline as good starting legends, as their abilities are fairly straightforward and easy to master.

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