How Can I Get More Rune Pages For League of Legends?

The Runes and Mastery System have been around since League of Legends first launched. However, since Riot Games released what is known as the Runes Reforged Patch at the start of Season 8, the old Runes and Mastery System has had its fair share of upgrades and been replaced. Despite the changes, League’s strategic gameplay still heavily relies on the Rune system, so there are Rune pages where everything is organized.

What Runes Mean in League of Legends

Runes are a fundamental component of your League of Legends strategic planning. They provide an advantage over simply playing to the matchup’s strengths or preparing the current champion against it. When you use runes, many champion-playing options become available, significantly increasing the champion’s potential. To maximize the benefits of your runes, you should learn how to make them correctly. No matter whatever winner you select, they can all become deadly when your runes are perfectly built, making them a more significant threat during the game.

Riot Games has been giving champions boosts and nerfs, but they haven’t forgotten about the Runes. Runes have also seen buffs and nerf. There is a strong reason why runes are an element on which developers would prefer to maintain their emphasis. Since the Runes Reforged patch, keystones have come and gone, but many original Runes are still readily available. You’ll have a higher chance of winning a match if you take the time to study which Runes go with which champion on each patch.

The most significant modification to the Runes Reforged system is the ability for players to switch their Runes during the champ pick pages, provided they have at least one rune page they purchased from the LoL store. Becoming familiar with the Rune combinations is a good idea if you want to enhance your gaming experience.

The Advantages of More Rune Pages

There are benefits as well as drawbacks to having many Rune pages. In contrast, this will remove the need for you to worry as you prepare for decisions like summoner spell selection, champion selection, and even during a pre-game discussion with other team members. Having multiple pages, for example, will reduce your preparation time because you will have pre-made pages for the specific champion you plan on using.

However, as I’ve already mentioned, having several pages can also have drawbacks. A lengthy list of Rune pages can be frightening and perplexing. Therefore, it will take more time to decide which rune page to utilize and less time for preparation. But there is a fix for this problem. Simply labeling or naming your Rune pages will help you decide even if you have a long list of Rune pages.

Is the Number of Rune Pages Limited?

Yes, Rune Pages are subject to a cap. Twenty-five pages are the maximum number of pages you can purchase from the League of Legends store. Due to the five preset pages you receive when you initially start League of Legends, this takes the total number of Rune pages to thirty. Since most League of Legends players only utilize 4–10 pages on average, I believe this amount of space is more than adequate. Of course, some players are highly skilled and need one. If you want to finish those twenty-five pages, you should have enough BE or RP to buy this many pages for your League of Legends account.

Can I Use Multiple Rune Pages?

Your familiarity with each champion’s unique Rune combinations will determine how you answer. You only need one Rue Page if you are familiar with it. This is so that Runes can be altered after you choose your champion. Those players with more than one page do so because other phases of the champion choice process take longer. Individually changing those Rune Pages will help you be better equipped for a particular matchup.

Alternative Methods to Increase Your Rune Pages

If you’re from one of the major regions, there are currently no other ways to get extra Rune pages in League of Legends. Only RP or BE can be used to purchase Rune pages from the LoL store. However, there is a way to obtain Rune Pages without utilizing BE or RP if you use the Garena servers. You can participate in the “Wheel of Fortune” using the Garena mobile app, dubbed Garena Spin, to win Blue Essence, Icons, Pages, or Ward Skin.

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